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Pool, Hot Tub & Spa Chemicals in Medicine Hat

Spatacular Hot Tubs is Medicine Hat’s renowned shop for purchasing a variety of pool and spa chemicals. We also have a wide selection of accessories and other products that can be gifted to a pool or spa owner.

Chemicals for Your Spas & Pools

Looking for chemicals for your spa or pool? Spatacular Hot Tubs carries numerous chemicals that are easy to use with detailed instructions. We have products such as BioGuard and Arctic Pure® that keep your pool at its very best. Other than this, our shop is also stocked with water testing reagents, filters and other products so that your pool always looks new. For any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Accessories & Great Gift Ideas

Bring your pool game up a notch with our amazing floating pool accessories. We also offer great gift ideas for the pool party you are going to attend. Check out the selection at our store and see what we offer.

Our Pool Products

From sanitizers, shocking pool water to water balancers and water enhancers, all of our products help increase the lifetime of your pool. Having a regular cleaning schedule will help to keep your pool always ready for a swim. Our off-season products take care of your pool during the months when your pool is not being used. We also carry Saltwater pool products that properly maintain your saltwater pool for you to relax and enjoy without having to spend a lot of time taking care of it. We love swimming pools as much as you do and find a complete product line for any pool, any need. Our products include:

Algae killing and prevention products

Sanitizers to clean water

Shock to remove contaminants

Water balancers

Water enhancers

Cleaning and problem solvers

Off-season products

Salt pool products

Pool care kits

The System Advantage

Pool care should be easy as you don’t want to spend the entire time maintaining it. That is why our products ensure you can have a great time at the pool.

Traditional Chlorine Pools

The 3-Step Program of BioGuard keeps your pool sparkling clear and clean. The process is ideal for pools of any size or surface type, pools that use chlorinators or skimmers with proper water flow and pump circulation 10 to 24 hours per day. The first step is to sanitize to clean water, followed by a shock to remove contaminants and algae killing and prevention.

Salt Pools

Salt pools are popular for their simpler and gentler approach to pool care, but they do have some unique requirements when compared to traditional chlorine pools. A popular brand that we use for salt pools is:

SaltScapes Saltwater Pool Care

It is designed specifically to keep your saltwater sparkling and protect your equipment and pool surfaces. It is ideal for those looking for “salt-specific” products, easy maintenance and treatment of salt pools and for pools equipped with chlorine generators of any size or surface.

Arctic Pure

Arctic Pure® system ensures that your chemicals are economical and give greater consistency to your water maintenance program. When you come to us, be sure to ask us for Arctic Pure® brand water treatment products to maximize the life of your hot tub.

Arctic Pro Filters

Arctic Pro Filters use different sizes of cartridges in filters to effectively capture all shapes and sizes of particles found in spa water. These filters can also be customized according to your area. For example, areas with high iron can use iron filters; a similar procedure is followed for high calcium and other minerals. The results are specific to your needs, and the filters last for a long time.

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