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Best Quality In-ground Or Above-ground Swimming Pools in Medicine Hat

Whether you need in-ground or above-ground swimming pools in Medicine Hat, we have the best products for you. Don't hesitate to talk to one of our trained professionals in the Spatacular Hot Tubs showroom, and we can help you with the decisions based on your needs and your budget. We currently carry Kafko™ in-ground pool kits and Vogue above-ground pools. Please browse a few photos at our photo gallery.

Kafko™ Pools

The renowned brand has been providing its clients with quality pools since 1971. We have a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles in steel wall and polymer wall inground pools. These pools can easily modify your backyard into an outdoor entertainment centre. Our dozens of varieties and sizes can help you get the best experience from your new in-ground swimming pool. Our experts help you understand factors like budget, maintenance, and space to choose the right swimming pool for you and your family.

Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl-liner in-ground pools, also known as“packaged pools,” are built utilizing elements like steps, braces, and wall panels. These components can be combined and coordinated to create tailor-made designs, depending on your yard location and personal style preference. 
Vinyl-liner swimming pools also come in various colours and designs and have benefits that make them ideal for many homeowners. Vinyl in-ground pool liners are crack-proof, highly durable and have a silky-smooth finish that feels soft to the touch.

Vinyl Liner Pool Shapes

Vinyl liner pool shapes come in classic rectangle pools to curved designs like Odyssey and Mountain Lake. At Spatacular Hot Tubs, you can find, design or modify the perfect pool shape and design for your backyard space.

Celebrity shape of pool


Celebrity provides effortless functionality and looks aesthetically appealing with its sleek styling.

Odyssey shape of pool


It is designed in a free-flowing way and equipped with unpredictable radius bends and curves. The beautiful humpback design is just perfect for a vinyl over tanning ledge or bench feature.

Grecian shape of pool


Grecian is a beauty that has strength and has perfectly crafted angles along with its signature corner design.

Liberty shape of pool


With Liberty, you can escape to your oasis and let the tides of this freeform design flow through your senses while you enjoy your day in your backyard.

For more information on pool sizes and other details, visit here.

Visualize Pools With an App

Download the app to visualize your pool and watch the video to know what the app does.

Vogue Pools

Vogue offers a comprehensive variety of above-ground pools, including hybrid, resin, steel and wood pools, and durable vinyl liners. Vogue has been committed to excellence and innovation for 30 years, always providing the best quality products that meet customer needs and expectations.


To know more about the pools that Vogue offers, visit here.

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