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Professional Hot Tub Maintenance in Medicine Hat

At Spatacular Hot Tubs, our services make sure your spa, pool, or hot tub is in great shape for you to enjoy. We are also known for billiard table services such as disassembly when you are moving and much more. Whether you would like a salt water system or traditional chlorine pool services, we are the professionals to call. Give us a call or come to our store if you need hot tub maintenance in Medicine Hat at your home.

Shop Service & On-location Services Available

Our in-house professionals are available at the store for servicing, maintenance and warranty claim requirements. We come to your house or any other location provided by you for services in a hassle-free way. We have a large shop on location to accommodate any larger jobs that may require it.

In-house Service Technicians

Looking for service, warranty or maintenance work professionals? Please call us. We do not contract out any of our service work; all of our services are done by in-house qualified technicians.

Hot Tubs & Pools Service

We have years of experience and trained technicians to do any service and repairs on numerous models of hot tubs and pools. Our knowledgeable team members are here to answer all your questions and provide you with each requirement. We provide weekly chemical maintenance for your hot tubs and pools, hot tub moves and winterizing, as well as pool start-ups and shut-downs.


Looking for someone to check/maintain your pool or hot tub while you are away? We can do that too! Simply contact us for details!

Billiards Service

Are you shifting to another place and might want to take your billiard table with you? Don’t worry; our professionals can safely take down, move and reassemble your billiard table. What’s more? We can also re-cloth your table for you!

Salt Water Systems

Salt water systems are best for your pools as no more harsh chemicals, odours or aftermath of things such as dry skin occur due to the chemicals. Salt water systems are a safe and natural way to enjoy the water. We carry products from Arctic Spas®, such as Onsen™ and Spa Boy. Their benefits include:

No more chemical odours

Longer water life

No more floating dispensers

Cleaner, softer water

Easier on the skin - no more itch

No more red eyes

Onzen Salt Water Care System

The Onzen™ salt water system has many unique features such as a user-replaceable electrode cartridge, ability to control the system either from the topside control or via the Arctic Spas® smartphone App and the use of the Onzen™ Salt Water system can significantly reduce the effort required to maintain clear and safe spa water, but we do suggest adding Peak Ozone to maximize the benefit of the Onzen™ Salt Water system. To know more about the Onzen salt water care system, go through this manual.

Onzen Salt Water Care System

Spa Boy

Spa Boy® does not rely on inconvenient and imprecise manual testing; it monitors and helps maintain ideal spa water conditions. This incredible technology uses medical-grade sensors to constantly analyze key water cleanliness parameters and from this data, the Spa Boy® system precisely controls the output of our integrated salt water system, ensuring that sanitizer levels are kept in the absolute optimum range. If your spa’s pH value changes, Spa Boy® alerts the spa owner to correct this condition. Now you can easily relax in a soft and silky high sodium low saline bath that feels absolutely amazing on your skin. 

Watch Spa Boy® operations and how the system works.

Spa Boy

Sodium Chlorine for Spas

Do you wish for your very own spa maintenance crew 24/7? Imagine never having to buy bromine tablets again, or enjoying spa without ozone odour and scum lines, just crystal clear water. You get all of that with us.

Aqua Rite Systems for Pools

Forget chlorine; Aqua Rite® Electronic Chlorine Generator delivers 100% of the sanitization your water needs through common table salt. It’s natural and provides refreshing water wherein you can swim in without limitation. It offers:

Soft, crystal clear, luxurious water for any pool up to 40,000 gallons

No more hassles buying, storing, measuring chlorine

Digital display of salt level and diagnostic info plus 8 LED status indicators

Easy-to-use dial adjustment to generate more or less chlorine

"Super Chlorinate" mode

Interfaces with Pentair and Polaris pool automation controls

Also, check out the Aqua Logic® Automation and Chlorination control from Goldline.

Spa School

Browse through our compiled helpful tips and hints to some frequently asked questions. If you wish to speak to us or cannot find the answers to your questions on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to assist you.

Chlorine or Bromine?

Chlorine is a stronger and more efficient sanitizer but can also irritate your skin. We recommend Bromine as it’s a softer sanitizer, still effective and has fewer chemicals, odours and skin irritation.

Start Up

Remember to wait 15 minutes between steps.

Fill dispenser with sanitizer tablets (set @ 1 chlorine, set @ 1-2 bromine)

Add 1 puck to the skimmer basket

Add 3 ounces Best Defense

Add 3 ounces SpaPerfect

Weekly Maintenance

Dip strip in the water, compare to chart on the bottle side

To adjust pH, use adjust up to increase (1 ounce per block); use adjust down to decrease (1 ounce per block)

To raise alkalinity, use perfect balance (do not add more than 2 ounces in 15-minute intervals to avoid cloudy water)

To increase sanitizer, add 1 puck to the skimmer basket

Add 3 ounces of Best Defense

Add 3 ounces of SpaPerfect

Helpful Hints

Cloudy water? Use 1 ounce of Easy Clear

Foamy water? Use Foam Dissolve (add nozzle to bottle and spray at foam)

Wait 24 hours between adding Best Defense and Easy Clear (combination will cause cloudy water)

After heavy use add 1-2 ounces of Refresh

Change filter once a month

Maintaining Your Spa

Use the link below to download and print our Spa School instructions!


Troubleshooting your pool sometimes is the only solution. Our trained professionals are able to correctly diagnose just about any pool condition. Below are some common problems that we have listed for you to understand our recommended solutions. You can bring a water sample to us and our experts will help you with the best solutions. If you are facing issues with the water quality, refer to the guide below. If you have more queries, please call us.

Problems/Causes/Solutions: Reference Guide

Pools often need regular maintenance to keep increased chlorine levels, algae formation, foaming, scaling, staining, waterline build-up and muddy water at bay. All pool owners may face these issues; the best solution is to troubleshoot the problem using the above table or call a professional for an inspection.

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